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About Firex

We are on a mission to transform

wildfire risk assessment

As wildfires grow more frequent and severe due to climate change, the urgency for precise risk quantification has never been greater.

Our goal is to pioneer advanced monitoring and analysis frameworks that provide insurance companies with accurate insights. Through innovative, user-friendly software solutions, we empower insurers to navigate the evolving wildfire risk landscape with confidence and foresight.

Our Founders

First Co-Founder

Lazaros Papachristodoulou


Second Co-Founder

Francesco Rivieccio


Third Co-Founder

Alexis Kruse


Our Team. Our Culture.

We are a London based company and belong to the Imperial College start-up community. We are currently part of the Greenhouse Undaunted Accelerator.

Our multicultural team consist of 7 engineers eager to make an impact in the world of climate risk assessment.

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Our Core Values

Pioneering new ways to predict and mitigate wildfire risks through cutting-edge AI technology
Building an environment that fosters diversity, respect, and belonging for all
Artificial intelligence grounded in transparency, ethics, and trust